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problems in our minority communities

Posted by Larry Perry on November 29, 2009 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (3)




As stated in New Way Mississippi, Inc.'s (NWMI) mission statement restoration is a major objective of what we do. As we look at the deterioration of our minority communities we must ask ourselves "What  has happened to cause such a negative change?"  Crime is a all time high, HIV/AIDS/STDs & teen pregnancy is up and economic development is almost of none existence. Once we take a hard look at the facts we can come to the reality that alcohol and drug abuse is at the root of the problem, in many case as a means to cope. I have been working in urban communities of Jackson, Mississippi for over 17 years in a variety of outreach ministries & and non-profit management capacities to include drug rehabilitation programs and rescue mission programs only to confirm this suspicion that many experts have suggested for decades now. My most troubling question, " is why haven't a comprehensive plan been put together to eradicate this problem or at the very least to minimize it?" Well  NWMI along with the help of other agencies have formed a partnership to do just that which I will began to share in my December entry of  "The President's Message".  UNTIL THEN GOD BLESS!

Larry D. Perry




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